How To Find A Good Immigration Lawyer

In a new country, one is not usually familiar with the laws the land. It becomes even more difficult if one is an immigrant. The immigration process involves a bit of paperwork which if not handled well might jeopardize the whole process. It is thus important to have someone who is knowledgeable to assist. This is where lawyers specializing in immigration law come to help through the process. How then can one find a good immigration lawyer? Below are some tips.

Finding A Good Immigration Lawyer

Find Contacts

The first step that one needs to take is to get contacts of immigration lawyers. A place to start do an online search of immigration lawyers located around your area. One can check the immigration association of lawyers websiteadvocated attorney to have a faster find. There is an assurance that attorneys who are members of this association are committed to the practice and operate with high ethics for they have a body that they are accountable to. One can also ask around from people they trust and inquire whether they can recommend a good immigration lawyer.

Check On Credentials

Verifying the credentials of the lawyer is important. This will bring an assurance that the lawyer is trained and knowledgeable in immigration law and that they will be able to represent you well. Find out if the lawyer are licensed and registered and met the requirements to practice law in the particular state.

Shortlist and interview

From the obtained contacts of attorneys, that you have verified their credentials, the next step is to shortlist potential lawyers whom you can meet up with and find out more information. One vital question that needs to be asked is if the attorney has come across and handled a case like yours and what was the result of the case. This will help reassure that the lawyer is capable of handling your case. Also, ask for references of clients the lawyer has served in the past. One can get more insight from the client about the immigration lawyer work ethic.


Most lawyers have a concostssultation fee, as well as charge an hourly rate or a flat rate. It is important to find out what terms the immigration lawyer has. Furthermore, the cost of the lawyer should not be the primary determining factor, but it can guide in making a decision. The important aspect to consider is the reputation of the lawyer and their success rate.

Finally, consider your preference. What kind of lawyer are you looking for regarding gender, language, and race? It is vital to work with an immigration lawyer who one is comfortable working with.

Everything To Know About Getting A UK Visa

Visitors from all walks of life are welcomed in the UK. However, their stay is determined by some immigration laws. However, getting a residence permit is not always easy. This is attributed to the fact that most nations are trying to secure their borders to malicious extremists. For those that want to live in the UK for all the right reasons, the services of immigration solicitors are mandatory. With an immigration lawyer, their knowledge on the ever-changing immigration gives you a real chance of getting a residence permit in the UK.

Tips that will see get your UK visa


Time is of the essence when applying for a UK visa. As UK visasuch, it is important to give yourself a decent time frame even if you are working with an immigration lawyer. Ideally, an application should take at least three weeks depending on the nature of your application. The good thing about working with an immigration solicitor is that you do not need to struggle with paperwork, which saves your time.

Ensure your application form is filled correctly

When applying for a visa, the information you fill in your application should be truthful and consistent. Any inconsistencies in information supplied or failure to provide the right documents comes with a risk of an unsuccessful application. You need to work with an immigration lawyer to avoid the danger of having a failed application. A solicitor knows important parts of your request and ensures everything in your application is correct.

Submit all relevant documents

In your application, presenting more documents improves your chances of having a successful application. However, any document offered should be relevant to your application. For that are work with an immigration attorney, you need to provide them with any document they ask for. The idea is to make your case appear more genuine.

Ask questions

UK visaWhen in doubt about anything, it is always advisable to ask questions. This is a good way to ensure you have less stress to deal with. As such, to have all your concerns addressed, you have every reason to get immigration advice Leicester from an experienced immigration solicitor.

When applying for a visa, the most important thing is to be organized and truthful in your application. Ideally, the quality of your preparation goes a long way in determining your chances of success. Above all, you need to work with an experienced immigration solicitor.