Traffic Offenses Often Broken

So many people find themselves being served with a fine, or involved in an accident, after breaking a road rule that they were not even aware existed. This could result in hefty costs and may lead to your car insurance claim being rejected – for something that could so easily have been avoided. Let us take a look at some of the traffic offenses that you didn’t know you were committing.

Traffic rules

  • Traffic rulesAllow a passenger of the vehicle to take hold of the steering wheel at any given time. So many of us request the passenger to do this
  • when we want to remove our jacket or adjust our seat belts. If caught, you will be fined. Rather pull over and do what you need to do safely.
  • Pass another driver on a curve or when he or she is approaching the summit of a rise.
  • To ignore someone who is driving or leading a vehicle containing, or operated by, animals of any kind, when he or she signals for you to stop.
  • You must stop your vehicle and allow the vehicle to pass. Hoot at anyone to say ‘hello.’ You may only use your hooter for the purpose for which it was intended, namely to promote safe driving and make other drivers aware of your presence in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Park, your car on the side of the road, facing oncoming traffic. Your vehicle must face the same direction as that of moving traffic. Park your vehicle on a traffic island. This rule remains even in the instance that there is no other parking available. If ignored, you run the risk of receiving a fine or having your car towed.
  • Drive with your elbow or arm hanging out of the window of your vehicle – or any other body part, for that matter. The only instance where you are allowed to extend your arm out of the vehicle is to give a hand signal. Leave the motor running when a car is unattended.
  • Drive with your cell phone on your lap. If pulled over by the metro police, it will be immediately assumed that you were utilizing your cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, and you will be fined accordingly.
  • Allow a child to or a toddler to stand in the car or unbuckle themselves under any circumstances.

Traffic rulesThese lesser known road rules are so often disregarded or ignored, which can lead to terrible consequences. By keeping these rules in mind at all times, you will undoubtedly help to make the roads a safer place for all.