Qualities to look for when looking for a lawyer

What makes a good lawyer? Many different qualities define a good lawyer. When looking for a lawyer, most people look for things like the number of cases won, the number of high profile clients they have used, and nature of their defense among others. However, when looking for one, you should refrain from looking for these type of qualities. Good lawyers like advokat trondheim have diverse skills and handling high profile cases in certainly not one of them. In this regard, here are some qualities that make one a top lawyer.

Qualities to look for in good lawyers

Excellent communication skillsaSdcsdzvA

A good lawyer should have excellent communication skills. Ideally, it is not about how articulate they are in a courtroom, but how well they communicate with their clients. With good communication skills, you feel understood, comfortable, and adequately represented.

Knowledgeable and experienced

A good lawyer should be knowledgeable in matters law. As such, they should have a sound understanding of the law, which they will use to deduce the best course of action. With experience, they can identify something to turn your case into a success.


What are the working hours of the lawyer? How much of this time are they willing to dedicate to your case? As such, you need a lawyer that is available for your service when you need them. In case they have a busy schedule and show no signs of attending to you when you need them, you need to look elsewhere. With good interactions, you can be assured that what they say in court is consistent with what you know.

Value for money

sAsdcvSDcASA good attorney does not necessarily need to charge exorbitant fees. Instead, they should give you value for money. When looking at fees, compare the amount they charge you for things like their availability and the nature of the case. They should also not charge very little as this might be used to cover their shortfalls. The idea is to get value for money.

Finding an attorney

Different people use different approaches when it comes to finding a good lawyer. There are those that look at online reviews, referrals from friends or even a simple online search. None of these methods is bad either. However, you need to look for the qualities discussed above if you are serious about winning your case.

Traffic Offenses Often Broken

So many people find themselves being served with a fine, or involved in an accident, after breaking a road rule that they were not even aware existed. This could result in hefty costs and may lead to your car insurance claim being rejected – for something that could so easily have been avoided. Let us take a look at some of the traffic offenses that you didn’t know you were committing.

Traffic rules

  • 2wedsdAllow a passenger of the vehicle to take hold of the steering wheel at any given time. So many of us request the passenger to do this
  • when we want to remove our jacket or adjust our seat belts. If caught, you will be fined. Rather pull over and do what you need to do safely.
  • Pass another driver on a curve or when he or she is approaching the summit of a rise.
  • To ignore someone who is driving or leading a vehicle containing, or operated by, animals of any kind, when he or she signals for you to stop.
  • You must stop your vehicle and allow the vehicle to pass. Hoot at anyone to say ‘hello.’ You may only use your hooter for the purpose for which it was intended, namely to promote safe driving and make other drivers aware of your presence in potentially dangerous situations.
  • Park, your car on the side of the road, facing oncoming traffic. Your vehicle must face the same direction as that of moving traffic. Park your vehicle on a traffic island. This rule remains even in the instance that there is no other parking available. If ignored, you run the risk of receiving a fine or having your car towed.
  • Drive with your elbow or arm hanging out of the window of your vehicle – or any other body part, for that matter. The only instance where you are allowed to extend your arm out of the vehicle is to give a hand signal. Leave the motor running when a car is unattended.
  • Drive with your cell phone on your lap. If pulled over by the metro police, it will be immediately assumed that you were utilizing your cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, and you will be fined accordingly.
  • Allow a child to or a toddler to stand in the car or unbuckle themselves under any circumstances.

wqsdfasThese lesser known road rules are so often disregarded or ignored, which can lead to terrible consequences. By keeping these rules in mind at all times, you will undoubtedly help to make the roads a safer place for all.

Choosing A Compensation Lawyer.

If you’ve ever been injured in a motor vehicle accident or a workplace injury accident, the first thing you will need to do is find yourself a good compensation lawyer (also referred to as negligence lawyers or personal injury lawyers) to help improve your chances of winning your legal case.

Compensation lawyer

Experience counts

2wedswedfYou want a lawyer who practices in personal injury cases as you will have a better chance of winning your case than going with one who does not. A Personal Injury Lawyer will have a breadth of experience in handling many different types of legal cases such as negligence, workplace injury, and motor vehicle accidents. If you are unsure of how capable and experienced the lawyer is, don’t be afraid to ask. Most lawyers will be able to explain what kind of cases they have represented and how long they have been practicing in the personal injury space. If you’re still unsure about their credibility, you should ask them where they completed their qualifications, what their success rate is in their cases and even do a basic online search for their website.

No win-no fee

Your lawyer should be able to work on a no win-no fee basis so that it doesn’t cost you anything to make a claim. This arrangement has its advantages because securing the help of a lawyer can be extremely costly if they expect you to pay upfront for their services. When you review the contract, it is always good to have an understanding of what you will be charged should they win the case. In most cases, they take a percentage fee of the compensation amount awarded. Another benefit of this arrangement is that if the lawyer does not win and you are not awarded compensation, you will not be charged a cent for the work they have done on your behalf.

Initial consultation

sdfsdA compensation lawyer should be able to provide you with a free initial consultation in which to discuss the particulars of your case. In this consultation, you should be able to gauge how professional they are, how committed and severe they are about their work and confirm their communication style. If at the end of the consultation, you felt that they were rude, indifferent, and unprofessional or could not explain to you basic legal terms and concepts in language you could understand, you should move on and find who can at least meet these basic criteria. They should also explain to you their fee structure and whether they will arrange and cover the costs of medical assessments on your behalf.